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TPR comptines et dialogues

TPR : Total Physical Response

TPR is when children listen and follow a sequence of instructions. That is they do or mime what the teacher says. TPR works especially well with younger children and facilitates the acquisition of the language. As the children listen, they acclimatise to the new language. They also feel an attachment to it. This allows them to feel to need to communicate. When they feel the need to communicate, learning the necessary language is easier.
It is an excellent way to start using and combines all three learning styles – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic – the pupils must look, listen and do – to allow each pupil to learn in an indivividual manner.
In order for this to work effectively the teacher must :
  • Tell the pupils what to do
  • Use clear pronunciation and natural intonation
  • Provide gestures and do the actions.

The pupils should :

  • Listen carefully to the instructions
  • Enjoy doing the actions
  • Do actions individually or as a group
  • Not speak (they often do)
  • Understand because the words and movement go together.

TPR activities can be based on repetition and are an easy effective way of starting an English lesson or simply waking up a sleepy class.

  TPR, comptines et rimes
  TPR, actions (dire et faire)

  the food train

Karine Duquet PE et Syzy Antoine, CPD LV Haute Saône
stage académique de personnes ressources LV 2004

Songs and rhymes

Voici des chants, comptines et chants mimés traditionnels et typiquement irlandais :

  Irish songs

  Rhymes and Songs


  Action songs

Lien externe :

The wild Rover (avec les paroles) :

Karine Duquet, lors d’un stage de formation continue (bourse individuelle Comenius 2-2-C) en Irlande en mars 2004.

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comptines traditionnelles anglaises

comptines :
(dont celles de l’annexe du programme d’anglais, BO hors série n° 8 du 30 août 2007) :
  A B C (Anna)
  Hickory dickory dock (Anna),  programme 2007
  Humpty Dumpty (Sara)
  Incy Wincy spider (Anna), programme 2007
  Jelly on a plate (Anna), programme 2007
  Rain, rain, go away (Anna), programme 2007
  Rain, rain, go away (Sara), programme 2007
  Remember, the 5th of November (Anna) programme 2007
  Roses are red (Anna), programme 2007
  The cat and the fiddle (Sara)
   Three blind mice (Sara), version parlée
  Three blind mice (Sara), version chantée
  To market (Sara)

  Twinkle little star (Anna)

virelangue :

   She sells seashells (Anna), programme 2007

jeux chantés/rythmés traditionnels :
  1, 2, 3, jump, 1, 2, 3, turn around (Anna)
  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, once I caught a fish alive (Anna), version chantée
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, once I caught a fish alive (Sara), version parlée
  Head, shoulders, knees and toes (Anna)
  If you’re happy and you know it (Anna)
  The wheels on the bus (Anna)
  Who took the cookie from the cookie jar (Anna)
voix d’Anna Martin, assistante Britannique (Doubs 2010-2011,  Besançon4)
et de Sara Chisesi, assistante Américaine (Doubs, 2011-2012, Sochaux).

Merci à elles.

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vous trouverez la plupart des flashcards sur :
vidéos :

Five Little Monkeys! (mots animés)  ; durée 2’10

Humpty Dumpty                                         0’58
chanté par enfants avec musique en alternance

Humpty Dumpty (YK studio)                                0’52
(deux fois)

Incy Wincy Spider (British Council )                   1’10

Jelly on a plate (Kids Stuff and Thing)   2’05
(dessin animé avec musique entraînante ; toutes les strophes)

Jelly on a plate                                            0’21
(dessin animé, voix seule)

London Bridge  (Kids stuff and things) 1’48 »

Rain, Rain, Go Away!                                2’27
(texte animé pour le titre seulement ; plusieurs strophes)

Ten in a bed                                                1’54
(chanté avec musique, rapide)

Ten in a bed (teaching tips)                                 1’48
film avec un animateur et 6 enfants

Who took the cookie from the cookie jar            5’18
film avec un animateur et 6 enfants : conseils pédagogiques


If you are happy (enfants qui dansent)

The wheels on the bus                               1’38
dessin animé calme avec  questions intercalées :

Twinkle twinkle little star                           2’42
(dessin animé explicite)

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