virelangues – tonguetwisters

virelangues en anglais, classés par phonèmes.



[ b]

Billy bought a better ball for baby .

Betty and Bob brought back blue balloons from the bazaar.

Rubber baby-buggy bumpers.

A big bug bit the little beetle but the little beetle bit the big bug back.

Blue-eyed Brian blew bright blue balloons.


Christine clean the crazy clock.

The cross clown cracked Clara’s crown.

[ d]

Daddy draws doors. Daddy draws doors. Daddy draws doors.

Dear John drank his daily dose of juice.


Four flat frogs flattened five French flies.


Greg juggles green glass jam jars.

[ h]

Hey, Henry!

Have a happy holiday!

Hungry Harry ate a hundred haddocks.

[i] [i:]

A sailor went to sea

To see, what he could see.

And all he could see

Was sea, sea, sea.

[i] [i:]

Silly sheep weep and sleep.


Fox in socks

Socks on box.


Please praise Percy’s pretty plastic plants.

[r] [h]

Rough and ready Henry rides home in a hurry.


She saw a fish on the seashore and I’m sure

She sells cheap shoes, short shirts and chic socks

The fish she saw on the seashore was a saw-fish.

Six sticky sucker sticks.

Silly Sally shooed seven silly sheep.


The three thirsty thrushes thanked the thief.

There are thirty thousand feathers on a trush.

[z ]

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear

Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair.

Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t very fuzzy… was he???

[g ] [υ ] [k ]

A good cook could cook as much cookies as a good cook who could cook cookies.

[oi ]

Too many toys spoils the boys.

[w ] [t∫ ]

If two witches were watching two watches, which witch would watch which watch? …

[i:] [s]

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

[i: ] [e]

Each Easter, Eddie eats eighty Easter eggs!


High Roller, Low Roller .

Hello, slow Joe! To the grocer run and go

[t∫] [ υ ]

A dog chooses to chew a shoe .

[w ] [] [r]

William wears a wonderful red waistcoat.


Not here, not there, not anywhere but here.

[ŋ ]

Bang bang, Ding dong, Bang bang, something’s wrong!


April shower, brown cows’ hour

[θ] [s] [i:]

The three thieves stole three teapots.

Yellow butter, purple jelly,
red jam, black bread.
Spread it thick, say it quick!
Yellow butter, purple jelly,
red jam, black bread.
Spread it thicker, say it quicker!
Yellow butter, purple jelly,
red jam, black bread!

Sélection par Stéphanie Gros et Michel Guillaume, PE personnes ressources, lors d’un stage de formation continue en 2009.